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TechConnect 2015

Posted on November 25, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I was pleased and honored to be a speaker at TechConnect 2015 in Astana, Kazakhstan. Put together by HappyFarm and NATD, the event was the 1st of its kind in Central Asia and one which hopefully will lead to many more.
The topic of my presentation was: Using Local Resources for Going Global from Kazakhstan.

Usually when I give a talk, I try to gear it to the most useful things I think an audience might take away. I’ve tried to give inspirational talks about the nature of nailure and success, but it tends to be less impactful over all. Most entrepreneurs are looking for tips and solutions not inspirations has been my experience.
The TechConnect expo was terrific. I spent most of the day speaking with Kazakhstani and Ukrainian entrepreneurs and startups.
It’s hard not to be incredibly optimistic about the Kazakhstani Startup Scene and the future.
Speaking at TechConnect

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