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Wolves Summit 2016: Warsaw

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On April 11th the TimeMachine for .Net team arrived at the Wolves Summit in Warsaw being held at the Palace of Culture and Science. Haggard and tired from the journey from the United States and Bydgoszcz, Poland but also excited and teaming with energy for the events to come.

After attending a last minute Pitch Coaching session by the really cool, and informative, Piotr Bucki it was go time with the pitch competition. The judges asked some very good questions, especially the representative from Microsoft. Given that TimeMachine for .net, actually runs on Microsoft’s .net, his questions were really knowledgeable and suited for the topic. There were also a lot of terrific startups pitching beside us, and we were humbled by the talent of the presenters and the great quality of their products.

In somewhat of a twist from other startups, we were not looking for an investor. We simply were looking for partners, resellers and new users for the product and were in fact offer a free 1 year subscription to attendees who entered the code found on our flier.

Later in the day, Marketing Manager/ Adviser David Roberts was interviewed by Wolves Summit about the event.

After some time running up and down the stairs in the Palace of Culture and Science, the booth was setup and good to go.

Later in the evening, we got the news that TimeMachine for .Net had been selected as a semifinalist in the pitch competition. We had been named to the top 10% of contestants in a 350 plus startup competition. We were hugely honored and celebrated with a toast of red wine at our hotel.
On day two of the event, the schedule was absolutely packed with meetings with other attendees. We also made time to check out the amazing products that were on display next to our booth. The expo was a terrific success for TimeMachine for .net as countless developers stopped by to hear about how it could effectively zero out time spent on looking for bugs.
In the late Afternoon, we pitched a second time in front of a much larger audience and panel of judges. Most of the questions this time came from developers in the crowd wanting to know technical details of the product. Inventor, Adam Tomasz Kruszewski, field the question like a champion and the crowd response was warm and receptive. Sadly, we did not make the cut into the final round, but we were still honored to get that far on our 1st pitching competition.
After winding down the day at the expo, the team went to the after party at club “Bank”. At the party The Wolves Summit participants sang “Happy Birthday” to David Roberts as he was on the stage. A great time was had by all!
The 3rd day of the event was filled with more meetings and making new connections, watching the finals of the pitch competition and saying thanks to the crew from Wolves Summit for a job well done.
The memories from the 1st startup event TimeMachine for .Net attended will be there for a lifetime. Feedback from investors, developers, and new friends was extremely positive and we will take that into consideration during next step of our process to bring this game changing developer tool to the world.







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