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Mainly in Spain: .NET Debugging Workshop at Microsoft Ibérica

Posted on October 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The RevDeBug, (The Reverse Debugger formerly known as Time Machine for .NET), team of David Roberts, Kamil Kupcewicz, and Adam Kruszewski made their way to Madrid on September 12th for a workshop on Reverse Debugging at the offices of Microsoft Ibérica.1











David and Kamil in front of Microsoft offices The event was co-organized by MSCoders and Madriddotnet Meetups.
Along the way to the workshop, of course there was some sight seeing. It was learned very quickly why not so many Spaniards venture out into the hot sun during the late afternoon. Warm weather and sunny days greeted the guys, but they were actually treated to the very rare rain in Spain, which was not plain but extrodinary to feel.

Adam Kruszewski who is the inventor of RevDeBug gave a talk on Debugging. He worked through how one would use Reverse Debugging to eliminate the time spent looking for errors in the code.

There were terrific and challenging questions from the audience as well as some license giveaways for a free year of RevDeBug. The video of the workshop will be posted as soon as possible.

It being Spain, naturally there had to be a meme with the most interesting man in the world thrown in, for good measure.

1 Afterwards, the Meetup made its way to the local restaurant, Urrecho for beers, good times and seafood hors d’oeuvres.

We had a lovely time in Madrid, and must thank the organizers of MSCoders Madrid and MadridDOTNET, as well as Microsoft Ibérica for this opportunity to share RevDeBug with their group, and we hope to visit them and their beautiful city again very soon.

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