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David Roberts is a highly creative, results-oriented, marketing professional with extensive international experience, who enjoys collaborating on diverse teams with challenging goals. He easily generates unconventional solutions for an ever evolving business landscape.

Comfortable delegating tasks, or taking a hands-on approach, he edits and animates viral video using adobe software, performs SEO/SEM, creates graphics, executes online marketing events, coordinates social media campaigns across the globe, analyzes web traffic data and interpret the results.

Multitasking, prioritizing projects, and efficiently leveraging available resources, David brings energy, confidence, and comradery to any team he joins, regardless of location or objective.

David holds an International MBA from the University of South Carolina, Moore School of Business and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Kazakhstan 2002-2004). He speaks Russian and English.

David is also the Media and Production Officer for the Anti-Human Trafficking organization, Survivors Connect and also proudly serves the Anti-Violence Against Women Organization, “The Pixel Project” on the Creative Team as the Animation Expert.

Click  to see several commercial and promotional videos created by The Other Side of the Tracks.


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Being on the outside is nothing new to Ken Guilfoyle. A diverse individual with over 20 years of international experience in places like U.S, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and Greece, Ken brings first hand outsider perspective to business challenges.

Ken also holds an International MBA from the University of South Carolina in Marketing and was a student of Dr. Stacy Wood the Moore Schools leading researcher in consumer behavior. After conducting extensive research and a series of experiments, Ken authored the Brandwich, a marketing communication strategy that lowers the communication costs of introducing new products.

A part time improvisational actor, screenplay writer and inventor, Ken holds a patent for the Gyro Pitch Training ball and is currently marketing a script, “Last Licks”, about a baseball team from England that wants to play in the Little League World Series.


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